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There's nothing more enjoyable than a nice ride down the bayous of South Louisiana. There's also nothing more enjoyable than the distinctive taste of South Louisiana cooking. Ragin' Cajun Foods introduces to you a highly successful variety of original Cajun foods, plus some traditional foods with that Cajun flair. All Ragin' Cajun Fixin's are time tested recipes made simple in every package... simply delicious, that is.

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We received the following testimonial in December, 2008:

I want to share the joy that I have now that I have found your Spicy Sweet Jalapeņo Relish.  My mother is a connoisseur of all things spicy, and she's brought some pretty interesting condiments home. One day, I came home from work and she had made some chili dogs for me (she didn't plan to eat one). She decided before she left that she would have one, and she went to the fridge and pulled out this jar with an orange label. Now, I'm a fan of jalapenos, so I was interested. She put the jar up to my nose to smell... I immediately put down my plate of chili dogs, got my car keys back off of the hook and left the house. I drove to the corner store for 2 bottles of Bud Light, came back and put the jalapeņo relish on my chili dogs. 

That was 4-5 months ago. I have not had a chili dog without your Spicy Sweet Jalapeno Relish since. I've had the opportunity to eat one without it, and I have passed. I've since turned coworkers and my best friend (my main food testing buddy) onto this hidden treasure. My friend lost his mind and has been scouring the city looking for his own jar.

 Meanwhile, I've put the stuff on hamburgers, beans and rice, and as I am typing this, I'm enjoying an "enhanced" bowl of chili. This stuff doesn't quit. So don't quit making it! :) 
From: Nick, Houston, TX

For questions or comments on Ragin' Cajun Fixin products, or just to say "HI", e-mail Ragin Cajun Foods at comments@louisianaspice.com
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Our mailing address is:  Ragin' Cajun Foods, 206 Burgess, Broussard, LA 70518
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